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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Raccoon Cay to Hog Cay (Middle Pen)

The trip to Hog Cay from Raccoon would take only about 1.5 hours, that left us with the morning to do some snorkeling, fishing and beach combing. The snorkeling was great, more fish and coral than I could identify. The fishing was with a pole off the dinghy. We have yet to see success with that configuration. The beach combing was interesting. I found sea beans, some which I could not identify, but the beach was southeast facing and therefore had a tremendous amount of garbage, mostly plastic. I even found two unbroken light bulbs. Who knew.

After arriving at Hog Cay, we were immediately invited to attend a bonfire and to bring some dinner to put on the grate. We met new friends and were reunited with others. There are 13 boats in the two anchorages, with plenty of room for more.

We are about 60 miles north of Cuba. This far south, we should get a glimpse of the Southern Cross again! It is a pleasant and cool night and I look forward to a good night's sleep.

Love to all,

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