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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Emerald Bay

Today's forecast was for light and variable winds with very little seas.  This is what we seek for a fishing day.  We warned Ida that we might go a-fish'n.  We pulled up anchor around 7 a.m, and set out for the Dotham Cut.   As can so often be the case, we had a hiccup in our plan.  The autopilot went on strike and refused to turn on.  Sometimes it would flash a light or two, other times no lights at all.  Really?  Another autopilot failure in less than a year?  Myron pulled out the manual to trouble-shoot the misfit.  No joy with any of the suggestions in the manual.  We prayed about it, and prayed again.  We watched Farmers Cut go past on our starboard, then Galliot Cut, then Cave Cay Cut.  After three hours of hand steering – where is ‘Auto Paul’ when you need him? – Myron decided he might as well take a look inside the unit.  With the guts out but still hooked up, he was suddenly inspired to tell me to “try it again.”  I did and the thing came to life.  We give God the glory because Myron said he did not do anything.  It was such a riot that the unit was working with all its guts out that we took a picture.  Here it is, finally working away and we are hands free of the helm!

Now we were far enough south that Emerald Bay was within easy reach, which is just north of Georgetown.  There were still no fish in the locker.  Then we prayed about that as well.  Myron decided to move over from the ‘deep’ to the ‘shelf.’  Not too long after that, we had a fish on.  Our new ‘used’ fish fighting belt turned out to be a great $10 investment.  The fish was a wahoo and they like to fight.  Probably just over two foot, it dressed out into several days of food.  Again, we thank God.  When we made it to Emerald Bay we shared our fishing success with dockmaster John.  He said ‘no one is catching fish – who are you?’  Blessed by God is what we are.  We shared two large steaks with him.  We were all having fish tonight!

We are at the no power dock at $1.00 a foot/day plus gratuity.  We are told the gratuity covers the free showers, laundry and trash pick-up.  I went up to take a ‘Hollywood shower’ in RO water when Myron discovered that ‘Straight From the Heart’ was on the neighboring dock.  We spent some time with Don and Maryann and their cat and kitten.  Cye (a Bengal kitten) hardly looks like a kitten anymore, I am not sure our photo captures his size.  

Don and Maryann leave tomorrow, I am not sure when we will head out.

There are more pictures on the Picasa link, and here are a few scenes from the last few days:

At Big Majors, the squalls preceding the passage of the cold front:

Dawn at Big Majors after the cold front has passed.  And yes, it chilled down quite a bit!

Love to all,

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