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Friday, December 21, 2012

Not Alone in Our Hidey Hole

Today we made 173 gallons of water today while we motor-sailed southeast. Water quality started at 166 parts per million and finished up at 155 parts per million. We like our water!

Our Hidey Hole is no big secret: Big Majors, aka 'Pigs Beach.' We are tucked in near Fowl Cay in anticipation of the northwest winds - they should be here in about two hours, after dark of course. I can see the squalls delineating the approaching cold front. All day we have had 15 knots out of the southwest, which has made this anchorage unpleasant. However we, and the other 28 boats anchored in here, will tolerate this misery to be better positioned when the real winds come. We dove the anchor and inspected the hull of Hold Fast. The anchor dug in, as expected. That copper/epoxy bottom job is holding up well, but two months is too soon to come to a conclusion. I know swimming sounds awful to our friends and family in the grip of winter - sorry. The water here is 80 degrees and the air is in the 80's. I am sure we will feel a chill very shortly.

The dinghy has been tied on the deck since we left MOW Cay. In other words, even though we are in sight of shore each evening, we have not left the boat. Neither of us has felt the need. I doubt we will launch the dinghy before Sunday since the strong winds will be with us for the next 24 to 36 hours. It does not bother us, especially if we can go for a swim. We are at least a quarter mile from where the pigs swim, I have no fear of them joining us on a swim!

Thank you for your prayers. We are praying that the pressure of the holiday season does not consume your joy!

Love to all,

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