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Sunday, December 9, 2012

In Route - Position Report

You may recall that after last year I said no more Port Saint Lucie inlet. I guess it takes a year for us to forget things. However, the inlet had been dredged since our last outing and we never saw less than ten feet. We followed Barry and Barb and their crew Karl on Beach Cruiser out of the inlet. The initial part of our journey was a bit rough with conflicting swells and no wind, but all in all it has been a good trip thus far. We are nearing the banks and hope to get on them just before dark. Beach Cruiser is right here with us and it was fun doing the crossing with them.

We only fished in the international waters (ie. not US and not Bahamas), but no joy. The water temp was only 84 about the middle of the Gulf Stream. When we hit Bahamian water, the temp shot up to 88 degrees and we saw plenty of life. Several dolphin joined us for near an hour. We live to fish another day and know God will provide when He says it is time.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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