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Monday, December 17, 2012


We relocated to Man-O-War Cay yesterday.  It was unfair play by Barb, she lured us over with her famous key lime pie.  The winds were up and directly on the nose.  It was slow going and wet at first.  I told Myron I was fine with waiting another day.  He gave me a look and I knew the invitation to key lime was sufficient motivation for him to tolerate a little spray.  And yes, it was yummy!  Thanks Barb!

We are on Beach Cruiser’s mooring until we get a weather window to head south.  We were able to attend church this morning and reunite with Pastor Randy and the other brothers and sisters we met there last season.  

New Life Bible Church before Sunday School.  Notice people drive golf carts to church!

We sang lots of Christmas songs, some new to me.  It was a blessing.  We pray that the true spirit of Christmas infects you with joy!

Love to all,

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