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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Manatee Pocket

Today we slipped the mooring in Vero Beach and motor sailed down near the Port Saint Lucie inlet to join up with Barb and Barry at Manatee Pocket.  We dropped anchor just port and aft of Beach Cruiser and just finished a fun social time with their friends Pam and Barbara from Sunset Marina in Stuart and Karl from Ohio, a long-time friend of Barb’s who decided yesterday to fly down here and join them in the crossing to the Abacos.  Talk about spontaneous!

We were treated to a complete surprise last night when we discovered that the fuel dock at the city marina housed the judges for the parade of lights.  All the boats strutted by the fuel dock and showed off their very best lights as well as their music.  One boat was brave enough to attempt a cruise around the mooring field.  We heard his unfortunate meeting with an unlit channel marker. 

Our trip down here today had a few fun scenes.  One was an amphibious ATV.  It was different from a jet ski and it took me a while to spot the folded up tires.

We also had a huge gaggle of prams.  There were three separate areas with junior regattas.  The first one we encountered had well over 50 prams.  All were well herded by motor boats, keeping the prams out of the ICW and other boats away from the prams.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be record heat here, but tonight seems cools enough for a good sleep.

Love to all,

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