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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Outside Norman's

It was a peaceful stay at Royal Island, a great opportunity to catch up on rest. Still, we got up pre-dawn, listened to weather and set sail to the Exumas. A couple of things were different this year. Last year we hardly saw another vessel. This year it was a full on traffic jam at the Fleming Channel. At least six boats converged on the channel, three were fishing in the channel. We all gave way to the ferry boat, mass has a way of winning that argument. As we dodged coral heads in the middle grounds, two cats joined up with us from the Current Cut side, then more boats coming from Nassau. We were having such a fantastic sail that we skipped past Ship Cay toward Allen's Cay. I spied ten masts in Allen's Cay. Much too crowded so we sailed past there as well. By 4 pm we were anchored off our little safe haven hills on the west side of Norman's Cay. Last year we motored or motor-sailed all these miles. Today the sailing was so enjoyable that we did not turn on the engine to make water as originally planned.
Tomorrow the weather will change and we will be looking for a place to hide from northerlies. We appreciate your prayers for us to find a safe hidey-hole.
Love to all,

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