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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marsh Harbour

Last night was a good stay at Red Bay. The holding was good as well as protection from SE winds. There was an aroma that was incredibly inviting. I was almost sure someone was making jerk chicken. No one lives out on those cays so that heavenly smell had to be wafting off of Great Abaco.
Today after checking in as an arrival on the cruiser's net, we motor-sailed in to Marsh Harbour Marina, fueled up and cleared with immigration and customs. Immigration was quick, unfortunately only a 90 day visa. It does not seem to matter what we request. Customs took much longer too arrive, but was much more fun. She and the dockmaster/bar-keep/chef were neighbors and Myron got them to joke a lot about that.
Once we finished up the legalities, we needed to wait for a little more water under our keel to shove off. By then, the wind had us pretty well pinned to the fuel dock. Myron had me hold one line on a post as leverage at the stern so he could use reverse to thrust the bow away from the dock. We had to do that same thing at Bath, NC. It worked as he planned and soon we were picking out our anchoring spot. Snug at anchor, the sails buttoned up, the lines and fenders stowed and most of our offshore gear put away, we were suddenly inspired to take a nap. Tonight we catch up on rest. Tomorrow we will think about launching the dinghy and maybe tackle some tasks on shore. Or maybe not.
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