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Friday, December 14, 2012

Marsh Update

We have taken care of our major chores at Marsh Harbour: check-in, fuel, prescriptions, BTC card, and ginger beer.  I have yet to get Abaco chicken and more fresh produce.  That must happen before we leave this area.  We hope to see Barb, Barry, Paul and Sue at Man-O-War Cay and our brothers and sisters at the church there, but that depends upon the timing of the weather.  We are waiting out the passing of a front and wish it would move along.  At least the worst of it is well north of us.

Before we left the U.S., Myron secured a toggle that works with the BTC cell towers.  Yesterday he successfully connected to the internet on our computer through the Bahamian phone service.  It is not quick, especially during prime hours, but it is much less expensive than the cost of the internet service providers here and more available throughout the islands and cays.  The SIM card cost $14.95 and the monthly service is $30, as opposed to one month with an ISP at $99. The toggle is an HUAWEI E353.  It was about $30 on e-bay, unlocked.  It is compatible with the alpha R36 router, so both of us can be on the internet at the same time.  Leave us a comment with your email address (we will keep that private) if you have a question about it.

We miss our routine with our friends back in Jacksonville.  Tonight we would have had Moon River Pizza with Paul, Shari, Fred, and whoever else joined us.  Tomorrow we would spend the day with Fred and get Mexican food.  Sunday would have been breakfast with Fred, John, Marnie and Tom.  At Marsh Harbour, we have a different routine.   Thursday is the day for the special on a burger and fries at $8.00.  It was a really good burger!  We went there last season with Barb and Barry, but they did not make it over from MOW Cay today.  We rarely eat out due to the expense, even groceries are hard on the wallet.   As a result, we will make our own pizza with flat bread, pesto sauce, sausage, muenster cheese and onions.  But not tonight, we are still reeling from our lunch! 

We have been doing chores and projects on Hold Fast, because it never ends.  Do not kid yourself, it just never ends.  Myron was up the mast today and if it is calm enough tomorrow, he will go up again.  It is always something.  The disappointment is dampened when that fact is acknowledged, and we thank God that we rarely have something serious.

Here are a few pictures.  You can go to our picture album link to see more.

Barb and crew Karl step outside the cockpit to wave as we sail near:

Sunset at Marsh Harbour.  The cargo dock (toward the right with the light and arm lift) was busy all night.

Love to all,

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