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Friday, June 7, 2013

All is Well

We are just fine.  Andrea passed over us about 5 am, a little later than originally forecast.  She was pretty beat up from traveling over land...all a part of the plan.  We were bumpy here most of the night, with the worst about 3 am.  After Andrea went over, the winds came out of the west - calming things down in here nicely.  When we started stirring this morning, the rain had stopped and the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Fairy had visited Hold Fast.  That was the first time Tyler got up without any prodding!

We met some new folks on the dock, always something to look forward to when we have to come in.  John and Trish on 'Mariah,' a 42' Morgan, do not eat doughnuts.  It was a bumper day for Tyler.  John and Trish rented a car today.  Trish and I were going to make a provisioning run, until John proceeded to hand Trish the car keys and they sprang out of his pocket, flew through the air and dove right through a hole in the dock at the piling.  He could not have accomplished that if he tried.  As a result, me, Tyler and Myron caught a bus and did some shopping.  While waiting for our return bus, we saw their rental car go by on a flatbed truck.  It had to go to the dealer for a new key and fob.  They should have a car by the close of business today.  Myron thought only stuff like that happened to us.

I am doing a few loads of laundry while I can, and have asked Myron and Tyler to get a couple more pounds of shrimp.  Trish spied a shrimper coming in this morning.

Lord willing, we will get fuel tomorrow and head out the Savannah River to the ocean.  It will take approximately two days at sea to get to Beaufort, NC.  If the weather allows (thunderstorms inhibit our ability to broadcast on the Ham radio), we will post position reports so you can track our progress.

Love to all,

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