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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chesapeake City – Virginia

Today we slid into Virginia on the Dismal Canal.  We only had a few hours travel, good thing too – I am still pretty weak.  We tied up to the bulkhead just before the bridge, did some very needed grocery shopping and then took in some Mexican food.  A far cry from the good food we enjoy in the southwest, but better than Florida’s.  After the 1:30 bridge opening, we tied off at the park dock just short of the lock.  This is where we will stay for the night.
A quick walk around the park revealed an amateur radio gathering.  One of the fellows was attempting to communicate with a satellite.  All three of us stayed for the first attempt, but it was a no go.  Apparently the satellite was too low on the horizon.  I went back to the boat to go to bed and Myron attended the second attempt about two hours later.  They could listen in but not talk to them.  In addition to the large rotating antenna (five element yagi) for satellite communication, they had di-pole antennas strung up all over the park and generators running all the equipment.  I asked how they got the antennas up in the 100 foot trees.  “With an air gun and a weighted tennis ball” was the answer.  Wish I had been there to see that!  What a great group of people.  They welcomed us right in and were happy to feed Myron dinner! 
The lock master promised to put coffee at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow, so not too early of a day.  Still, I am ready to hit the hay!
Oh, by the way, there was a cemetery in the middle of the park.  I am beginning to get used to such odd placement.
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