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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sister’s Creek Dock

We were at the OYCM dock just short of three weeks.  It was enough to do some visiting, get a few projects and some administrative stuff done, and to collect Tyler.  Tyler is a 15 year old who belongs to David and Jen.  They are dear friends we met in ministry service in Phoenix 10+ years ago and we have stayed in touch ever since.

Tyler has been deep sea fishing, but this is his first time on a sailboat.  He seems to be adapting well.  Myron already taught him some of our most commonly used knots, a pre-start engine/transmission check, and what we do on rounds.  He is learning that everyone has jobs to do, that we have to work around each other, and that there probably is no such thing as personal space on a boat.  He is also learning how hot and humid it is here.  We are glad to have him and hope he has the time of his life.

We missed our weather window for sailing north on the outside.  As a result, we will take our time and find things to do around Fernandina Beach and Cumberland Island.  Hopefully a window will open up as we are not big fans of that many miles on the ICW.

Today was a short day, just from OYCM to Sister’s Creek dock.  Paul met up with us in Gretel and rode along for the last hour or so, then helped us by catching lines at the dock.  He walked around the park with us, and then set back for OYCM in Gretel.  It will take him a couple hours to get back and I imagine he will get rained upon.  Just after Paul left we were boarded by FWC.  They were only interested in our waste water system and put tablets in our toilets.  I thought they might ask for vessel documentation, but the only other question was about weapons.  It was over in a matter of minutes.  One of the guys wanted to come to the Chesapeake with us, or at least he indicated that his wife would like him to get on a boat and leave.

The guys are out BBQ'ing chicken now.  We are all a bit tired and probably ready to shower and hit the sheets after dinner.

Love to all,


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