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Friday, June 14, 2013


We set out early yesterday morning, knowing the winds would kick up later in the day. About an hour after we left the anchorage we heard a weather alert that at noon the winds would be up to 30 knots. That was five knots more and three hours earlier than had just been forecast. We planned to be through the shoal area and inside the harbor before the winds kicked up the seas too much. Oh well. As Myron says, "it is what it is." We had no idea so many vehicle ferrys came to this place. We had to do a quick turn around at the entrance while one came out. In 30 knots of wind, it was a bit stressful. There was no room at the park service dock, so we anchored out with a few other boats. There is not that much room for anchoring and I have seen better holding. We rode out three thunderstorms last night, the first one finished about 10 pm, the second about 1:30 am, and the last one around 4 am. Suffice to say, today we needed some rest. We saw an opening on the park service dock and took it this morning. It was supposed to be cheap. By cheap, we think about $20/day. It is, rather, $1.25/foot/day and $3.00/day for electric. Still, it allows us to take long walks and leave Hold Fast secure at dock.

The visitor center materials showed some museums, exhibits and possible food markets. We hit all of those, paying special attention to the Blackbeard Exhibit, and grabbed an ice cream on the way back. The winds are not favorable for leaving here in the next day or two. We have no cell service again, and the internet is off and on. We will do our best to communicate.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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