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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

South River Update

South River has proven to be a quiet anchorage. We have only seen two commercial boats come through in as many days. As I mentioned before, it is a new stop for us, chosen for its proximity to our route to Ocracoke and also to get out of the strong winds. Now there are other reasons to choose it! Yesterday we launched the dinghy, sped across this huge river to an old graveyard. It was interesting to read the old tombstones, some were confederate soldiers. People did not live very long. We thought there was a ghost town nearby and hiked all around, but could not find it. No signs either of sasquatch, just deer, raccoon and bear.

We need to wait one more day for the winds to calm before we attempt the channel into Ocracoke for the first time. Today will be another day of catching up on rest. Hopefully we can get in another walk, this time on the other side of the river. The only drawback to this anchorage is the lack of internet or phone service for both Tyler and our phones. We are updating our blog and communicating via our Ham radio.

This has been a big adjustment for Tyler, moving on to a boat. Limited space, a lack of privacy, and rules, rules, rules about things he would normally not have to think about. We see he is now relaxing more, and were happy to see him take an interest in the old graveyard. We look forward to taking him to new interesting sites. We just need to wait on weather. Yet another lesson in adaptation!

We have shrimped ourselves out, or at least I done for a while. Last night we had them BBQ'd on skewers wrapped in bacon. It was tasty! I cleaned and froze the remainder of the shrimp and will probably break out a roast for tonight, partly out of morbid curiosity to see how long it will last.

Love to all,

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