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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cane Patch Creek off Pine Island

We got an early start this morning to make sure we would transit Mud River at or near high tide. We are glad we did. The tide swing was about 7 feet and we saw depths as low as 10 and 11 feet. We would have been high and dry at low tide. From what Myron has read, we just finished the worst part of the ICW, but we have nearly accomplished our short-term goal of securing ourselves somewhere for the passage of a low, which now stands a 100% chance of becoming a tropical storm.

I grit my teeth and find the ICW tedious, but I must admit - or rather proclaim - that the anchorages we have selected, last night and tonight, have been quite spectacular. Pine Island to the south and west of us has a close wooded area and one further away with huge pine trees, at least 80 feet tall. The lush green banks take over in where the woods end. We cannot hear any noise of civilization. Last night we were anchored all alone. Tonight there is a trawler on another fork of the Bear Creek River. We can see them, but they are not close at all. Just now, when I was reading a book about a storm (probably not a good idea right now), I heard loud splashing behind the boat. I turned around and saw a huge turtle surface swimming to Hold Fast. I called out to the guys but no one else got to see it. I was wondering if it planned to board us!

I am sure we will go to bed at a decent time tonight as we want to be at the Thunderbolt Marina on the edge of Savannah just after noon. We will tie up to the dock for the low to pass. If all goes according to plan, we will head out Friday morning to go north on the ocean with a planned destination of Beaufort, NC. Those are plans, plans change because of weather. If 'Andrea,' the name they would give the storm if it indeed develops, could change those plans.

I will let Myron post this now as I want to get back out to the cockpit and enjoy the view. Some of our friends would understand this phrase: "it is a very squatchy area!"

Love to all,

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