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Monday, June 3, 2013

Fernandina Beach

We set off from the Sister's Creek dock early and were on a mooring at Fernandina Beach before noon.  Our plan was to get a hamburger at T-Ray's, a former gas station/burger joint.  They only sell propane now but it still allows them to advertise their slogan "Eat here, get gas!"  The menu was varied.  We all had some form of a burger.  We were so full we decided the only solution was a nap.  Tyler likes naps, he will fit right in.

Tyler likes Fernandina.  As I have mentioned before, we do too.  We had hoped to dinghy back in for an ice cream later.  What we got later was a pretty impressive line of thunderstorms.  Tyler's first T-storm on a boat.  It is near impossible to take pictures in the midst of all that, so he will just have to tell others about it in his own words.  
I am thankful that the life jackets did not fly out of the dinghy during the storm.  We will have to pump the water out of it before we use it again in the morning. Such is boating life!

Love to all,

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Chris Witzgall said...

T-Rays!!!! We Love T-Rays!!!! Good eats.