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Monday, June 10, 2013

South River - North Carolina

This is our first time in this spot. We have strong winds from the south/southwest and expect them all through the night. It is nice of God to give us this natural air conditioning.

I am glad we are not still on the ocean. Riddle me this: How do you tame an eating machine? You take him to sea. Poor Tyler. Once Myron could see Tyler had a problem, it took a while for the patch to kick in. It is no fun being sick within the first four hours of a 48+ hour trip. The patch finally kicked in and Tyler slept for about 24 hours. But he could not sleep below. He could muster through if he stayed in the cockpit. He was so looking forward to going to sea…then he was so looking forward to getting back on land. Tyler did manage to fish and catch a small mahi mahi. It was too small to keep though. They are such a pretty fish. Once we made it into Beaufort inlet, Tyler did much better. I am surprised that I am eager to see his appetite return! I doubt Tyler will experience any further motion sickness short trips with have left. Some trips will be on sounds, others on rivers and canals.

We are all fine and looking forward to a shower, a good meal, a movie and getting some rest. That means I need to go and get dinner started.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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Benner Family said...

Poor baby!! Thanks for taking care of him :)