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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Elizabeth City Update

Things have changed over the last 1.5 years since we have been here.  The ice cream shop is closed, that great deli closed, and the Fresh Market grocery no longer comes to the waterfront to pick people up for shopping.  That is the down side.  The upside: Still a free dock for 48 hours, the volunteer, Gus, is still around (Sam is not so mobile these days), you can still get water here, the visitor center gives you a code to the restroom, the museum is great, and Quality Seafood restaurant is still doing a good business!

It was a good stay.  Wednesday I did four loads of laundry and got some help from Myron folding and carting it back to the boat.  We attended the Wednesday night potluck at First Baptist Church and caught up with Pastor Chris and his wife, Jennel.  And we had a super plus with our stay here:  the cold front passage brought 60 degree weather.  What a blessed relief!

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will begin our two day journey up the Dismal Swamp Canal.  It is one of our favorite passages.  Not sure about internet coverage in the next couple of stops, maybe cell coverage.  It is what it is!

Love to all,

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