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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dismal Swamp Visitor Center

I love this place!!

We tied up behind 'Puff,' a sailboat we had heard on the radio in the Bahamas. Nice young couple, with fuel filter problems.  It's always something...

We checked in with the ever courteous and helpful ladies at the Welcome Center and found out they now broadcast wifi.  Just sign in with the ladies and get the code.  We crossed the canal bridge to attend the nature exhibit with all sorts of information about the Great Dismal Swamp and canal.  The canal was proposed before the Revolutionary War.  Sixty years later George Washington participated in making it come about.  His lumber land in the swamp may have been a source of motivation!

It is always fun to talk to the folks who stop here by car (it is also a highway rest stop) and are so surprised to see a big sailboat at the park's edge.  Another cruiser and I talked to one man for quite some time.  His wife came up shaking her head.  She did not have the car keys or her cell phone and was baffled by his disappearance until she spied the sailboat masts across the park.  She figured she would find him there, talking stories.

I have managed to get some kind of horrible coughing illness.  Myron and Tyler put up with my heavy coughing and lack of desire to cook.  Hopefully today we will find that same Mexican Food restaurant open that we attended two years back, and they can fill up.

Love to all,

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Morning Star said...

Dena, so sorry to hear about your cough. I am praying now for you. We should be headed to NY by car next weekend. Miss you all very much