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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Broughton Island

We managed to have an early breakfast at T-Rays.  It is always nice not to have to cook a meal and clean up.  Myron had been up early reviewing weather forecasts.  What kept him awake was a low south of us that had a 30% chance of turning into a tropical storm.  This put a monkey wrench in our plans to sail outside, therefore, after prayer and discussion, we set out around 9 am to head north and somewhat inland.  While our goal is North Carolina, it is the journey we should cherish.  We make plans and trust that God has a reason for re-arranging them.   

We strongly considered anchoring early at the north end of Cumberland Island, but we were chased by thunderstorms all day.  I am always amazed how God seems to part them for us.  

We dropped anchor in this wide stream after 6 pm.  We have eaten dinner, showered and are ready to hit the hay since we will have a very early start to traverse the shallow Mud River at high tide.  Tyler is now sitting in the cockpit, which is closed up due to rain, and watching the lightening storm, calling out distance and direction.  I used to love thunderstorms when I lived in Phoenix.  Living on a boat is a different story!
No Jen (Tyler's mom), we are not letting Tyler hold a graphite fishing pole while he watches the lightening!

Love to all,

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