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Monday, June 17, 2013

South Lake - off Alligator River

Today was a long haul, but worth it because we are positioned to cross the Albemarle Sound tomorrow and go up to Elizabeth City. Assuming the weather holds. We got a thunderstorm shortly after anchoring. It cools off the temperature outside. Once it stops raining we can cool it off inside. We remember the Alligator River for its aggressive yellow biting flies. They are still here, but kept at bay by our screens.

This anchorage is void of any obvious residences, and likewise void of cell phone service. Our neighboring anchored boat is using Nexus and getting service. No joy with T-Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Myron dug out our old Verizon phone and it shows a bar! Maybe we will put a couple bucks on that service! Always a struggle in our travels to communicate. We thank God for our Ham radio!

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.
{GMST}35|55.048|N|075|54.804|W|Anchored South Lake|{GEND}

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